Activities undertaken by cooperative banks in Poland in relation to COVID-19

Polish cooperative banks are adapting efficiently to the difficult situation in connection with the epidemic. In order to take care of the safety of their customers and employees, they have introduced many additional solutions to ensure continuity of operation of their outlets. Below we present selected actions taken by cooperative banks in Poland in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic:

"Credit Vacations" in Cooperative Banks

Under the government programme, cooperative banks offer the possibility of suspending or deferring the repayment of all loans to individuals and businesses affected by COVID19.

Support for health services and local communities

Cooperative banking sector provides financial support for medical services, e.g. by allocating funds for protective gear for doctors and the purchase of equipment necessary to fight the coronavirus (respirators, protective masks, protective suits, disinfectants). Some cooperative banks provide protection materials for the inhabitants of municipalities. 

Communication and customer contact

In connection with the nationwide campaign of staying at home, communication with members and customers is mainly through websites, mobile applications and social media. 

Cooperative banks have launched a telephone legal advice line for clients in connection with the epidemic situation in the country and the offer of the government “Anti-Crisis Shield” regulations.


POLISH - Działania podejmowane przez banki spółdzielcze w związku z pandemią koronawirusa w Polsce


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