About us

The National Association of Cooperative Banks represents interests of Polish cooperative banks - members of the Association.

It is an official representative of the industry towards the state authorities and administration. It also represents cooperative banks in contacts and cooperation with the foreign cooperative bank industry. It significantly contributes to the development of a legal and regulatory environment friendly to cooperative banks, playing an indirect part in optimizing terms of service for members and clients of cooperative banks in their local communities.

The basic principles of the NACB include, inter alia, equal treatment of all ordinary members, regardless of the size of the contribution paid and their affiliation. Decision-making processes of the Association are governed by the Statute adopted by the General Meeting. In its operation, the NACB fully relies on the principle of openness. Members of the NACB are informed about important measures taken by the Association or directly participate in those undertakings if possible and required. Formulation of any problem essential for the members is always preceded by broad consultations.

Within the framework of of its statutory activities, the NACB promotes and supports the cooperative values and business model, which is an alternative to the corporate model, both in the case of domestic and foreign industry partners, authorities, administrations and local government. The key value of the cooperative business model and a guarantee of its democratic character is the principle “one member - one vote”, which materializes in the concept of cooperative shares that are contributed by the members, and in the case of resignation from the membership - terminated. This principle essentially distinguishes cooperatives from commercial law companies, which do not feature such a solution. An inherent value of local banking, which the NACB refers to in its activities, is the corporate social responsibility and sensitivity, perpetuated in the historical process of cooperative banks growing in local communities, each time adapted to the requirements of the present and future challenges.